Saturday, July 21, 2012


After 4 1/2 years it is my turn to say those 2 beautiful words. Our 2nd FET worked.

I realize I haven't even updated you on our FET a couple weeks ago, shame on me :) It went perfectly, 2 beautiful grade 1 embroys were transferred. My lining was 8.5mm, and the transfer went amazing. Last FET we did I followed all the rules, I did acupuncture, ate foods that were supposed to help with implantation, had 2 days of bedrest, and so many more little tricks I read about, and it didn't' work. This time I skipped acupuncture,  had 5 hours of bedrest only, ate whatever I wanted. We went to Seattle for the 4th of July and I was on me feet all day, went swimming, picked up heavy things, you name it I did it. I tested at 4dp5dt....early yes, stupid yes, do I recommend it.....NO, thats way to early. But to my surprise there  was a line. It was a squinter, but even Kyle saw it. I tested the next day and the line was darker, and the next day it was darker yet. I called my DR immediately and went in for bloodwork 2 days after the initial BFP. I have 3 sets of blood work(done every 4 days) and my numbers were this:
        Monday July 9th 6dp5dt Beta=37 Progesterone=32
        Friday July 13th 10dp5dt Beta=213
        Tuesday July 17th 14dp5dt Beta=1447

I have my first ultrasound on Tuesday, I will be 5 weeks 6 days. We may or may not see the heart beat that early, but we will find out if there is one or two.

We are starting to believe it, but most days I still don't feel its real........LOL I honestly couldn't be happier at this point, so truly blessed.

Ok, so here is some pictures

Our perfect grade one Embryos

The big black hole is my bladder, down from that is a white oval and thats my uterus, and in the middle there is a bright white dot.......Thats our embies
The second test I took(the first one was so light you couldn't see it).
A few of the 20 test I took....LOL

Kyle and I the day we got our positive blood work back

One of our announcements

A test I took a few days ago just to see how dark that test line could really get...hahaha  



  1. Oh wow, congratulations!!! What a brilliantly dark positive line!!!

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