Saturday, June 22, 2013

My dream come true

My sweet boys are 15 weeks old. How on earth did that happen? They are my everything. I look at them and just cry becasue they are so perfect, and they are mine. I get to keep them, no sending them home to their parents because we are their parents. Such an amazing feeling and we feel so incredibly blessed.

I was induced at 38 weeks, for no reason other than my Dr wasn't comfortable letting me go any longer. C was born first and he weighed 6lbs 13oz and E came 13 minutes later weighing in at 6lbs 7oz. They were both born vaginally....yay me, LOL. Labor and delivery was......not what I expected, It sucked, LOL. C got stuck and we needed to use the vacuum, and then E proceeded to come out feet first. We spent 4 days in the hospital since both boys were jaundice and needed to hang out under the lights. We were SOOOO lucky to have my parents stay with us for 2 weeks. I honestly don't know what I would have done without their help. My sister also came when they were about a week and a half old. My family lives about 8 hours away in Canada(where I am originally from) and I miss them every day and am so glad they could be here for the first couple weeks. Kyle took 2 weeks off as well, which was great, but I wish it was longer. It was hard to get into a routine when it came to feeding them and them sleeping, but it was so worth it to establish a good routine. Once they hit 3 months they started sleeping 10 hours at night. So anyone who reads this that is expecting twins, start a routine early.....SERIOUSLY :)

So here we are today, at 3 1/2 months old. They smile and laugh all the time, they HATE tummy time, the sleep amazing, they love their bumbos and jumperoo's, they are staring to grab toys and put them in their mouths and play with them. C is a whole 3lbs bigger than E. Their weight isn't the only difference though, they don't look anything alike, C is almost blonde and E has dark hair, C has bright blue eyes and E has greenish/brownish/blueish eyes, C has pale pinkish skin and E has dark olive skin. Despite how different they are, they are both so incredibly perfect.

My husband is an amazing father. I mean, I knew he would be incredible, but wow, he has seriously blown me away. These two boys are so lucky to have him.

After  4 1/2 years of trying to get pregnant, Im finally a mom, my husband is finally a dad. We have two beautiful baby boys and couldn't possibly be happier with where life has taken us. Im so glad it took us as long as it did, because waiting this long gave us our two amazing boys, and I wouldn't have it any other way. So to everyone reading this who is struggling right now, I wish you the best of luck, and I know how hard it is to not give up, but please don't, your miracle/s could be just around the corner.

Here is one of our family pics from their 3 month photoshoot

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

28 weeks 4 days

Yes, Im literally counting the exact days.....LOL I feel so blessed to have made it this far.

Im in the middle of a(hopefully short) stint on bedrest. just over a week ago I started having braxton hicks contaractions every 30 seconds, and that lasted about an hour so Kyle made me go into labor and delivery. The monitored me and gave me some meds to stop the contractions and sent me home on bedrest until I can see my Dr on Jan 2nd. I have not been the best patient and worked a half day, had my maternity shoot and went to the movies, but things have slowed down so much, and really who can lay in bed during the holidays. I am going in every 2 weeks, and have been for the last 6 weeks, I start weekly appts after this next visit. At my appt a month ago, each baby weighed just shy of 2 lbs, so I am excited to see what they weigh at my next visit. Its hard to believe that at any point these boys could be here, but we are hoping to make it to at least 34 weeks, but hopefully further. My baby shower is in 3 weeks, and I am so excited.  I have been to SO MANY baby showers, and now it is finally my turn. The nursery is done, and looks so amazing. I was really lucky to have my parents here for Thanksgiving and my mom helped me finish it. I am only up 15lbs, and 2 weeks ago was measuring 38 weeks. I am also really proud to say that I do not have a single stretch mark. I know that could change, but Im pretty happy so far. I will try to update again before the boys are born, but if I don't get to it, the next post will have pictures of my 2 BOYS!!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

We found out were having...........................

2 BOYS!!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I wanted this to be a Infertility blog and not a pregnancy blog, so I kinda put posting on hold for a bit. Then I realized I just kinda left everyone hanging.....oops, Sorry.

Things are awesome here, I am 16 weeks and feeling pretty good. I was having some blood pressure issues, but with added protein in my diet I have that under control for now. We head to Mexico for a week tomorrow, and we are very much looking forward to that. It will be our frist trip where it is just us.

We have bought most of our baby stuff already, and Kyle is anxious to put it all together and get their room set up. Boy stuff is SOOOOOO cute. I can't help but buy clothes for our boys, even though I know I will get tons for our shower. I bought some "mommy bought it and daddy doesn't find out" stuff yesterday....LOL Although he is so excited that I don't think he would care.

I will update again in a couple months, thanks to everyone for the emails and wonderful comments.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yup, you read that right, we are expecting twins. We had an ultrasound today and it showed 2 beautiful sacs with 2 beautiful yolk sacs inside. I go back for anther ultrasound on Monday. I feel so many things right now. I bawled when we saw both sacs, and Kyle was in a state of shock.....hahaha. I am so excited, so nervous, but so so so excited. We just can't believe that we have been blessed with 2 babies.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


After 4 1/2 years it is my turn to say those 2 beautiful words. Our 2nd FET worked.

I realize I haven't even updated you on our FET a couple weeks ago, shame on me :) It went perfectly, 2 beautiful grade 1 embroys were transferred. My lining was 8.5mm, and the transfer went amazing. Last FET we did I followed all the rules, I did acupuncture, ate foods that were supposed to help with implantation, had 2 days of bedrest, and so many more little tricks I read about, and it didn't' work. This time I skipped acupuncture,  had 5 hours of bedrest only, ate whatever I wanted. We went to Seattle for the 4th of July and I was on me feet all day, went swimming, picked up heavy things, you name it I did it. I tested at 4dp5dt....early yes, stupid yes, do I recommend it.....NO, thats way to early. But to my surprise there  was a line. It was a squinter, but even Kyle saw it. I tested the next day and the line was darker, and the next day it was darker yet. I called my DR immediately and went in for bloodwork 2 days after the initial BFP. I have 3 sets of blood work(done every 4 days) and my numbers were this:
        Monday July 9th 6dp5dt Beta=37 Progesterone=32
        Friday July 13th 10dp5dt Beta=213
        Tuesday July 17th 14dp5dt Beta=1447

I have my first ultrasound on Tuesday, I will be 5 weeks 6 days. We may or may not see the heart beat that early, but we will find out if there is one or two.

We are starting to believe it, but most days I still don't feel its real........LOL I honestly couldn't be happier at this point, so truly blessed.

Ok, so here is some pictures

Our perfect grade one Embryos

The big black hole is my bladder, down from that is a white oval and thats my uterus, and in the middle there is a bright white dot.......Thats our embies
The second test I took(the first one was so light you couldn't see it).
A few of the 20 test I took....LOL

Kyle and I the day we got our positive blood work back

One of our announcements

A test I took a few days ago just to see how dark that test line could really get...hahaha  


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Appt Update

The appointment went really well. If anyone remembers, at this point last FET my lining was only 6mm, was 8.5 on Tuesday. I am so happy about that. Last transfer my lining ended up only getting to 7.5, so I am just thrilled that it is 8.5 now. The Dr said it looked "perfect". I started progesterone yesterday, and our transfer will be on Tuesday afternoon. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Worst blogger award goes to.......ME

Sorry guys, I have been a crappy blogger these days. I have an ultrasound appt on Tuesday to check my lining, and if all goes well, transfer on the 3rd. Im just not as into it this time. I just don't feel the excitement, like I did before.  I had my hopes so high for our last FET, that it hurt so bad, if I don't get excited, maybe it wont hurt so much. I did everything last time, acupuncture, special foods, 2 days of bedrest. This time I am not doing any of that. I am not going to let my life be controlled by infertility anymore. It's hard to explain how I feel these days, Im not longer saddened by peoples pregnancies, or their babies, I am no longer jealous,  I no longer secretly wish all pregnant woman would go away...LOL Im hopeful for the future, but no longer disappointed with  right now.  Im just taking everything one day at a time. Last FET, it was all I could talk about. Everyone in my real/online life knew down to the second what was happening. This time is just different, I've kept it to myself for the most part, and I kinda like it better that way, no pressure. I still do have those few friends who ask, and I am happy to talk about it, but for the most part I keep it between me, Kyle and my mom.

Ill try to be better at blogging from now on. I follow a few blogs who should win awards for best bloggers ever....LOL Ill update Tuesday after my appt......Prayers for a thick lining would be appreciated.