Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update #3....Fertility Report

So I know this is what your all waiting for, and Im sorry it took me so long to post it. We ended up getting 28 eggs!!!!! I was so thrilled. All of them were mature, which was amazing. The Dr called the next day and said that out of the 28 eggs 22 fertilized. That was amazing news. I had this fear that none would fertilize, but apparently my eggs and Kyles sperm love each other. The Dr called us daily with our fertility report, and each day we were more and more amazed. In the end we froze 18 GRADE AA embryos(thats as good as it gets) 16 on day 5 and 2 on day 6. It was more than we ever expected, and we feel so blessed. The Dr is still shocked that we got that many. He was actually so pleased with the quality that he said if I didn't suffer from OHSS so bad, he would want to talk to me about donating my eggs in the future. That made me feel good, like for once I did something good. We will transfer in April, and I can't wait. The Dr did send me a couple pics of a couple of the embryos, and I cried, showed them to everyone and made them my desktop background.....LOL Im a proud mama!!! My husband is also so proud and showed them to all his friends to.....hahah. My sister thinks one looks like a T-rex and one looks like a teddy bear...LOL

Update #2....OHSS

Yup, you read that right, I woke up the morning of my work trip with OHSS. I was in so much pain, couldn't sit, stand, laugh, cough, walk, pee, nothing. It was a 7 hour train ride, and I was miserable. I knew OHSS was always a possibility, but honestly didn't think it would happen. Despite all the pain and bloating I had a great time on my work trip. I got home Saturday night, and really didn't think things could get any worse, boy was I wrong. The pain and bloating continued to get worse and worse, and only stopped getting worse today. So far I have gained 13lbs in water and look 6 months pregnant(cruel joke). The dr wanted me to sleep sitting up, so I have slept in the recliner for 4 nights and that just plain sucks. My back is what hurts today, or maybe my front does to I just don't notice it over the severe back pain. I did wake up with my back swollen today, which was a super strange feeling. When the Dr first told me I was at risk of OHSS, and he didn't want to do a transfer because it gets worse if you get pregnant, I thought he was exaggerating, I thought I could handle it, and it would be no big deal. I will tell you what, Moderate OHSS is enough for me, I couldn't handle anything worse. Im hoping in the next couple days the swelling goes down, and therefor the back pain will subside. I have been in constant contact with my Dr(he calls every day) and he says I should start getting better in the next day or so. Oh, throwing up is also a sign, and very unpleasant when it happens....Yuck.

I was asked the other day if I regret going ahead with the retrieval and if I wish I would have cancelled the cycle, and the answer is HECK NO!!! With PCOS you risk OHSS, we knew that, but you also risk having poor quality eggs, so in my opinion the more eggs the better chance of having some good quality ones. I would do it all again if I had to....although I hope I don't.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update 1 of 3

First off let me say, I am so sorry it took me so long to update. You will understand why in update #2. I triggered last Tuesday night at 11:30pm, and my retrieval was scheduled for 11:30am Thursday morning. I was nervous, but not to bad. Kyle and I enjoyed Wednesday in Portland with no Dr's appts, and celebrated by going to the outlet mall. Thursday morning we arrived at the Dr at 10:30. Kyle was taken back almost right away so he could do his part. I waited what seemed like forever for my turn. Finally they called me back. They first went over everything that would happen, and second I got a nice shot of Demerol in the ass. She said it would relax me and make me dizzy, but it wouldn't kick in for about half an hour. I swear less than 5 mins later, I was a dizzy, relaxed, babbling idiot...LOL. The nurse came in and started my IV.  The Dr did one last ultrasound, and I was moved to the room for the procedure. On the way the nurse made my take a bathroom break, and we were on our way. I got all set up in the room, they gave me some more drugs and the retrieval started. I was awake, but sedated for the whole thing. I felt so much of it though, I cried through half of it it hurt so bad. The dr said I was metabolizing the meds to fast, lucky me...LOL I remember the first 15 mins, and the last 15 mins, but nothing really in the middle. I remember the hearing the embryologist saying "no egg" or "have an egg" and getting pissed because I was 2 eggs in 5 follicles to start. In the end the dr said we got 28 eggs out of 40 or so follicles, so I was happy..LOL. After the procedure, we left and started on the long drive home. I felt ok, not really sore, nor was I really bloated. The dr was going to have me start progesterone the next day incase I had no signs of OHSS and we could do the transfer. When we got home I quickly packed because I was leaving out of town for an over night work trip the next day. I woke up the next morning, and thats where update # 2 will start.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A reason for all the pain

I had my first appt yesterday since coming down to Portland. I didn't sleep the night before, because in my head I though there is no way I had enough follicles to continue this cycle. We got to the office and were called right back. We first did some bloodwork, and then got ready for the ultrasound. The Dr came in and the ultrasound started, he looked at my right ovary first, and guess what we saw............a ton of follicles, and there were a ton more on the left ovary. Now before you all jump for joy for me, let me say, we had to many. We counted and there between 70 and 85 follicles. I new this wasn't good, but didn't know why. I decided not to cry yet, but could feel my heart sink. Continuing this cycle like a normal cycle was not an option. He did give us 2 options though, both of which were not what I wanted to hear. Option 1 was to cancel the cycle and start all over again in April, I could feel the tears start. Option 2 was to continue the cycle and do the retrieval and NOT do the transfer this time. We would freeze any embryos we got and transfer in April. Let me explain why: With as many follicles as I had, I am at very high risk for OHSS, which gets worse after retrieval, and much much worse if I were to get pregnant. I copied some stuff from Wikipedia for those who have no idea what I am talking about:

 Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a complication from some forms of fertility medication. Most cases are mild, but a small proportion are severe.

 The risk is further increased by multiple doses of hCG after ovulation and if the procedure results in pregnancy.

Symptoms are set into 3 categories: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild symptoms include abdominal bloating and feeling of fullness, nausea, diarrhea, and slight weight gain. Moderate symptoms include excessive weight gain (weight gain of greater than 2 pounds per day), increased abdominal girth, vomiting, diarrhea, darker urine and less in amount, excessive thirst, and skin and/or hair feeling dry (in addition to mild symptoms). Severe symptoms are fullness/bloating above the waist, shortness of breath,pleural effusion, urination significantly darker or has ceased, calf and chest pains, marked abdominal bloating or distention, and lower abdominal pains (in addition to mild and moderate symptoms).OHSS may be complicated with ovarian torsion, ovarian rupture, thrombophlebitis and renal insufficiency. Symptoms generally resolve in 1 to 2 weeks, but will be more severe and persist longer if pregnancy occurs. This is due to (hCG) from the pregnancy acting on the corpus luteum in the ovaries in sustaining the pregnancy before the placenta has fully developed. Typically, even in severe OHSS with a developing pregnancy, the duration does not exceed the first trimester.

Anyways, that explanation was from bits and pieces of info from Wikipedia, here is the link if you want more info : OHSS The Dr basically said I will fell like I am dying, and will need time off work, and possible hospitalization. He said it is not a 100% guarantee that it will happen, but it is very likely. I wasn't willing to risk it.

I sat in the chair and cried, I had such high hopes for this cycle, and I felt like it was all crushed. I hated feeling like I was disappointing all the people who prayed for us, and helped me get to the point I am at now, all the people in my life who are just so amazing.  Kyle snapped me out of my temporary state of depression, so we could make our choice. Since I have PCOS, egg quality is a little poorer than in someone without PCOS, so our fear was if we only got 20 follicles, we may not have many that are good quality. So now that I have so many follicles(eggs) our chances of getting more good quality eggs goes up, i'll call that our silver lining.  We decided to keep going, we decided to do the retrieval and see how many embryos we get, freeze them and transfer in April. So for now, I have to let go of the dream of being pregnant in 2 weeks, and start a new dream. I just need to keep telling myself that I will be a mom, and my husband will be a dad, it just won't happen tomorrow.

I have another appt tomorrow morning, so that should give us a better idea of our retrieval date(which Im hoping will be on Wednesday or Thursday, because I have some big plans on Friday...LOL) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

'Cause I walk with a limp like an old school pimp

Kyle and I were at the grocery store that other day, and I was following 10 feet behind him, he turned around and asked why I was walking so darn slow. I told him my ovaries hurt and to leave me alone...LOL He turned around, and I reevaluated the way I was walking.  I was kinda hunched over, taking small steps, and had a limp...HAhahaha. I guess something is working, because my ovaries feel like they are going to come out of my body...kinda like on that movie Alien........

We head to Portland today for monitoring and such, so I will update tomorrow after my first ultrasound. Think "lots of follicle" thoughts for me...LOL

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I would die for that

A little comparison

Ok, the yellow one is the follistim pen, and the clear one is for the me, they look exactly the same, but why oh why does the follistim one hurt so much worse.....LOL

To make thing even worse, I have a 600unit cartridge in the pen, used 400 units yesterday and 150 units today already. So, that leaves 50units left, and I need to take 150 tonight. That means I inject the first 50 and switch cartridges and inject the next 100.....YAY, that and my lupron shot tonight means 3 shots....Gosh, who knew making a baby could be this much fun ;)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stims :)

I started stims today!!!! Kyle was going fishing today this morning, so I got up early with him so I could do it sooner rather than later. It had been a long time since I used the follistim pen, so I had to watch a quick refresher video on youtube. The needle on the pen seemed about the same size as the lupron needle, so I expected it to feel the same. YIKES, it did NOT feel the same. It kinda made my eyes water a little bit when he did it. It also left my belly really tender about 2 inches all around the injection site. Now, they say don't poke yourself the next time, where your still sore from the previous time, but at this rate, with the amount of discomfort I have around the area, in a couple days the only place I am going to have left to inject is going to be my foot....LOL Oh well, Ya do what ya gotta do, I will say though, I sure am looking forward to 2 needles tonight....haha.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Suppression check

I had my suppression check yesterday, and the Dr said everything looks good. I will take 200units Saturday morning and night, and 150units Sunday morning and night, and then bloodwork on Monday. I will say though, why can't people just get to the point when they call. The girl on the phone goes "soooooooo, I got the results of your blood work............................and well................................I just though I would let you know..........................................that everything looks really good" OMG lady, get to the point, im sitting here almost crapping my pants.