Monday, April 30, 2012

A day dedicted to FET

We got to Portland last night, and had a really great night together. We went for dinner, had a couple drinks, laughed, and just enjoyed each others company. I didn't sleep well last night, I was wide awake at 4:00am, nauseous and scared. I we super nervous that my lining wasn't going to be thick enough. We go to our appt early, and were brought right back for our ultrasound. I closed m eyes, I didn't want to watch, I was afraid it wasn't going to be thick and we would be turned away. All my fears were laid to rest, when he told me it was 7.5mm and perfect. Apparently it was only 6.5mm last time, so he was happy with this. He said that if he turned away every couple who had a 7.5mm lining, there would be a lot fewer babies in the world, and for me, that was a normal lining and perfect. I think I shed a tear of happiness that we had overcome this hurdle. We were to leave and come back at noon for the acupuncture portion of the day and transfer would be at 1:00. I was instructed to drink 4 glasses of water, pee at 11:00am and hold from the on. Our office is on the water front, so we left and strolled by the water, had breakfast....then an ice cream cone.....LOL We walked on the dock, and check out the Dragon boats, which Kyle has never seen, and I thought was only a Canadain thing. I pee'd at 11:00 and I swear 5 minutes later had to go again, but wasn't allowed. We made our way back to the Dr, and I was brought back to start acupuncture, it was really nice and relaxing. At this point all I could really think about was how my embies were doing. After the acupuncture, I switched rooms and the Dr came in. The embryologist needed a few mins so we used that time to ask the Dr all of our question. First question was about our embryos. All 18 froze and grade AA, and when they thawed the 2 they said one was grade 1 and one was grade 2. I heard him say grade 2 and started to panic. He assured me that it was only because some of the cells had died, and it was still a good quality embryo and I shouldn't worry, many babies come out of grade 2 embryos. It was then time for the transfer, and boy did I have to pee. He layed me back and had his nurse hold the ultrasound machine on my stomach He laughed at me because my bladder was SUPER full, and told me I was a good patient and listened well.....LOL He showed my the catheter that held the embryos and went to work. It took maybe 5 mins from the time he started until the time he was done. I felt no pain, and was actually a very pleasant experience. I layed there for 10 mins, the acupuncturist came in, I laid there for another 20 mins, and then was allowed to get up.....I got dressed as fast as I ever have and dashed to the bathroom, I think I pee'd for 5 minutes.....LOL. After that, we were free to go. We headed back to the hotel and took an almost 4 hour nap. I took some pics of the day, here they are.

FET day breakfast

There is nothing wrong with ice cream at 10:00am......Right??

The best pic we could get of us. Were are just outside our RE's office.

Our Babies. The top one is the Grade 1 and the bottom is the Grade 2. So beautiful.

Some of the acupuncture needles, I had plenty more than this. These ear ones were pretty sensitive.

FET toes!!!!!!
Our midnight snack, FET day over, I think we deserved this.

It feels good to have this part over, I so much looking forward to whats to come.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Appt update

So I had my ultrasound yesterday to determine if my lining was thick enough for our transfer on Tuesday. It was NOT thick enough. It was just under 7mm, and the DR wants it between 8 and 11. So the new plan is to up my estrogen to 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the evening, 2 pills are to be taken orally and 1 pill is to be inserted in the vaginally. He is also having me start taking a low dose aspirin every day. I will continue with 3x750mg metformin and pre natals. I will do all this for 6 days, and on Thursday the 26th I will start progesterone and we will transfer on the 30th. I was disappointed, but when I really though about it, it was only 6 extra days, and really whats 6 more days when you've been trying for 4 years. So on the 30th I will head down to my RE for a 9:30 ultrasound and if all looks well we will thaw the embryos and transfer a few hours later.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not so anonymous anymore.

When I first started this blog, I want to do it anonymously. I wanted people to feel connected to me and my story, but I wasn't ready to show my face. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I have come to realize that I am more drawn and feel more connected to the ones that have pictures of the couple. I brought it up to Kyle and he thought it was a good idea to post a few. You all have to know this about me, I am a wild crazy picture taker...LOL I take pictures of everything, and not just one or two, I take 100 or more pictures and any given event. So it was hard for me to just pick just one pic to I picked 5...and even that was hard....LOL So with our further adieu.....US.

Taken this past Christmas

Camping last summer

At a Vancouver Canucks game a few months ago.

Taken a couple years ago by my sister in law

Also taken by my sister in law

                          So thats us, well thats a very very very small peek into our lives.

I have my ultrasound on friday, and I am excited, but also pretty nervous. I have had lining issues in the past, so I hope my body is doing what it is supposed to. Who knows, by this time next week I pregnant. ;)

Friday, April 13, 2012

So so so close

Next friday I have my ultrasound to make sure everything is where it needs to be and I am hoping for a nice thick lining. As long as everything is good I will start progesterone and the transfer will be on the 24th. I feel super lazy this cycle....not with my daily life, but with my med routine. No needles, no ohss, no all just seems to easy. Im sorry the blog has been so uneventful, I just have nothing exciting to post...yet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For a very special couple.

Anyone who suffers with infertility has the thought of adoption in the back of their mind. Whether its something we choose to do, something were scared of doing, or something we've already done, it's always on our mind. Some people never get that far, they get their miracle and they get pregnant, or they choose to live their life with out children, For those very special people who choose to adopt a baby, this is a new very scary journey. I have the pleasure of knowing an awesome couple, who, after many years of trying, have been unable to have a baby of their own. I have watched them struggle through all of that, and come out stronger as individuals, and more importantly stronger as a couple. They have decided to pursue adoption, and I couldn't be more excited for them. They are very passionate about having an open adoption, which I admire so much. What I ask of all of you who read this, is to click on the facebook link I posted and "Like" the page, but more importantly, please share the page on your own personal Facebook, because you may not know someone who is looking to place their baby up for adoption, but some you know, may know someone who knows someone. Anderson Cooper did an small segment on a couple who posted on facebook about wanting to adopt a baby, and within 3 weeks had a baby in their arms.  Lets keep Lauren and Clint in our thoughts and prayers.

Facebook page